play all day, everyday

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freestyling through my life

To the older generations (teenagers, young adults, adults, and the elderly,) play is simply a four-letter word describing activities people do recreationally for personal enjoyment once in a while, on the rare occasions when we have the time or motivation. To the youth in our society, play is an opportunity to spend time with friends and family in the beautiful environment encapsulating us and to possibly improve our athletic abilities. Comparing these two mindsets, the older generations may disregard play as just having fun with no real value or importance in our lives, but I believe the youth have the right idea in mind when it comes to play, as it is actually physically and mentally essential in order to live a happy, healthy, and extraordinary life.


“I learned [during Global School Play Day] that sometimes instead of being so tight and high strung about school, it is perfectly fine…

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